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How Much Weight Should I Use?

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How Much Weight Should I Use??
Good question. Lots of people who make it to the gym find themselves unsure of how many reps, exercises, and weights to use. Let's talk about WEIGHT here.

When choosing the correct weight to use in the gym, you must consider your goals and fitness level. Once determined, use the guidelines for 'reps'. How much weight should you lift? Let's answer that question using 'reps' in 4 ways:

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#1 Beginner.
If you are a beginner, pick a weight that allows you to comfortably do 20 reps.
20 reps may seem like a lot for a beginner, but it is not if you use the correct amount of weight. The 20 reps will do three things for you:
help your muscles get used to moving around resistance,
help you to gain muscular strength and
prevent you from overtraining and muscle soreness.

#2 High Caloric Burn Workout:
For a high caloric burn workout, choose a weight that you can lift in a fast, quick, continuous manner for at least 15 reps. Keep the pace up and the weights (resistance) light, because you'll be pushing yourself in this workout style.

#3 Muscle Toning:
To get your muscles toned, pumped and shaped, simply choose a weight that allows you to perform 8-12 reps before you need a quick rest. You’ll also need to do 2-3 sets of each exercise.
This set and rep range will train various fibers in your muscles to yield those hot body results! Be sure to choose a weight that keeps your reps in the 8-12 range.

#4 Strength:
Strictly looking for strength? You'll need a heavy weight. Do 5 sets of just 1-6 reps. You'll need a couple years of training experience behind you before you attempt this plan. Be careful and always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program, especially this heavy lifting program.

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