Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flexibility Training Tips

AHHH. That is how you will feel after you stretch correctly.
Unfortunately, stretching is the most overlooked part of fitness.


Flexibility Training, also known as stretching, is the third and often most overlooked part of being physically fit.

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Why Flexibility Training ?

Stretching has positive effects on your body. Done properly, stretching your muscles can slow down your heart rate, relax your mind and body, alleviate stress and even detoxify your body. It’s also actually the easiest part of fitness training.

Who Should Use Flexibility Training?

Stretching has wonderful positive effects for everyone, young and old.

How Much Flexibility Training?

You can stretch your muscles almost everyday of the week. Hold each stretch for a maximum of 30 seconds. Try to stretch before and after your workout also.

Types of Flexibility Training

You can stretch yourself. You can have your trainer or physical therapist stretch you. Yoga and pilates also are a fun, alternative means to stretching. Stretching is an easy, fun inexpensive way to stay healthy and fit.

Extra Tips:

*Be sure your muscles are warm before you begin any stretching program.

*Hold each stretch for 10 -30 seconds without bouncing.

*Stretching should be pain free. Tension is good. Pain is bad.

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