Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dumbbells, Darling!

This is article 2 in the series 'What's That? Fitness Equipment Explained'

Dumbbells are a great piece of inexpensive fitness equipment. You'd be surprised at the excellent workout you can get with just dumbbells. View some here.

What are Dumbbells?
Most people have seen and used dumbbells. Dumbbells are basically a small bar with weights on both ends. The variations in dumbbells come in weights, coatings and price.

What are Dumbbells Used For?
Dumbbells are used for strength training. You can build muscle mass and/or tone up your entire body with dumbbells.

By adding the weight of light dumbbells to your aerobic routine, you can increase your caloric burn. The additional weight of dumbbells can also help your balance training.

How Much?
Dumbbells are priced according to weight and coating. The lighter, iron dumbbells are usually the least expensive. The chrome or special coated dumbbells should be the most expensive.

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