Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bands, Baby!

This Article is Part 3 in the Series 'What's That?' Fitness Equipment Explained.

What Are Resistance Bands?
Resistance Bands, also called 'Bands' work well for toning and light strength training. Bands can be used to train almost any muscle group in the body. The exercises range from simple and obvious to very innovative.
View some here. They are also very popular for rehab and pre-hab exercises. Bands are even used in some fitness classes.

Resistance Bands are another great piece of fitness equipment for 2 reasons:

Reason #1.
Resistance Bands can be easily packed for traveling. Take them with you to the hotel, friends and family, or even work.

Reason #2:
Resistance Bands are inexpensive. Everyone likes that, right?

Bands are simple. They are a rubbery, plastic material tube with a handle on each end. Bands usually come in three different resistances- light, medium and heavy resistance. Different color bands offer different levels of resistance.

Bands are fairly inexpensive. $10 - $20.

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